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DANGER! Tell USDA To Reject "Agent Orange" Corn!

Dow Chemical is currently requesting an unprecedented USDA approval: a genetically engineered (GE) version of corn that is resistant to 2,4-D, a major component of the highly toxic Agent Orange. Agent Orange was the chemical defoliant used by the U.S. in Vietnam, and it caused lasting ecological damage as well as many serious medical conditions in both Vietnam veterans and the Vietnamese. Exposure to 2,4-D has been linked to major health problems that include cancer (especially non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), lowered sperm counts, liver disease and Parkinson’s disease. A growing body of evidence from laboratory studies show that 2,4-D causes endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity and immunosuppression. Further, industry’s own tests show that 2,4-D is contaminated with dioxins, a group of highly toxic chemical compounds that bioaccumulate, so even a minute amount can accumulate as it goes up the food chain, causing dangerous levels of exposure. Dioxins in Agent Orange have been linked to many diseases, including birth defects in children of exposed parents; according to EPA, 2,4-D is the seventh largest source of dioxins in the U.S.
USDA approval of Dow’s GE corn will trigger a big increase in 2,4-D use – and our exposure to this toxic herbicide. Yet USDA has not assessed how much, nor analyzed the resulting impacts on public health, the environment or neighboring farmers (2,4-D is prone to drift and cause damage to nearby crops). Instead, USDA has once again bowed to the pesticide industry, by giving preliminary approval to still another pesticide-promoting crop that will likely harm people and their children, including farmers, and the environment. USDA claims to be adhering to a scientific process, yet the Agency is blatantly ignoring the science on 2,4-D.

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USA Today NEWS:Just Label It: We Have a Right to Know !

93% of Americans want the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. Watch the new video from Food, Inc. Filmmaker Robert Kenner to hear why we have the right to know what's in our food. Will you join these individuals — and over half a million Americans — in contacting the FDA to require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods?

Congratulations, together, we have made history. We now stand more than one million strong in asking the FDA to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. Today, March 27 is the date that the FDA is required to respond to the petition and it took us less than 180 days to accumulate a record breaking number of public comments—a testament to the power of our collective voices to demand our right to know what’s in our food. This campaign’s strength is due to the over 500 diverse partner organizations who helped galvanize the American people to this moment.

We know that one million is just a start. Today, a new national survey commissioned by Just Label It reveals that more than nine out of 10 of Americans across the political spectrum supports labeling food that has been genetically engineered. The new infographic below is a compelling visual that shares the results of the survey data.
Will you spread the word about this infographic and today’s important milestone by sharing it to Facebook or Twitter?

Labeling GMOs in the US

Stay tuned as we now work to make sure that the FDA and Washington knows that one million Americans are watching to make sure they deliver.
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"Monsanto" PR of GMO!

Editor's Note: Monsanto is attempting to counter-spin the poor PR its been deservedly receiving recently - by attacking US farmers who use its frankenstien agra products. Currently, Monsanto are crying to the EPA screaming that, "Bugs' resistance to modified crops may be increasing", and ironically, are upset because farmers aren't planting -- non bT corn, next to GMO corn -- because according to Monsanto, insects who eat BOTH natural and fake GM corn DON'T become immune to Monsanto's pesticide perspiring synthetic corn. It should be abundantly clear by now to anyone who considers themself a green or environmental activist, that the world has a serious problem it is facing because of the depths which corporations like Monsanto and their extensive range of freak-tech GMO products have been able to penetrate the world's food supply. As a mindless public become ever more dependent on experimental DNA-shuffling lab food for humans, successive generations run the risk of degrading their own human genetics, and even losing the ability to reproduce altogether.

Washington Post
February 14, 2012

среда, 28 декабря 2011 г.

Secret information about New World Goverment!

There is no aspect of life in America, which would not be under supervision of invisible government and would not be directed to them in the "necessary" direction. There is no elected official or political leader, which would not submit to his(its) authority. Till now still any man has avoided severe punishment for submission to the secret governors, which not колеблясь do(make) of any " an awful example " for others, including the presidents of the united States of America.
The hand of Committee 300 is visible everywhere since 1776, when Yeremia Bettam and William Petty, columns Шелбурнский, hoting by triumph of the French Revolution, which they planned and carried out, were called by the British crown to use the joint experience against American colonists, she was visible and in 1812, when british soldier have plundered and fireed of Washington, having destroyed the confidential documents, which would expose their treacherous blasting actions against the young United states, - down to diversions against the president Никсона and murder of the president Кеннеди.
Present clause is an attempt to open eyes to the American people on the awful truth, which is, that we are not independent the country and independent people, we and were them never, as we were operated by(with) invisible government - " Committee 300 ".

 Academy for Contemporary Problems (“Академия современных проблем”)
 Africa Fund (“Фонд Африки”)
 Agency of International Development (“Агентство международного развития”)
 Albert Previn Foundation (“Фонд Альберта Превина”)
 Alliance Israelite Universalle (“Всемирный израильский союз”)
 American Civil Liberties Union (“Американский союз за гражданские свободы”)
 American Council of Race Relations (“Американский совет межрасовых отношений”)
 American Defense Society (“Американское общество обороны”)
 American Press Institute (“Американский институт прессы”)
 American Protective League (“Американская защитная лига”)
 Anti-Defamation League (“Антидиффамационная лига”)
 Arab Bureau (“Арабское бюро”)
 Arab Higher Committee (“Высший арабский комитет”)
 ARCA Foundation (“Фонд АРКА”)
 Armour Research Foundation (“Исследовательский фонд Armour”)
 Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus (“Совещание по контролю над вооружениями и внешней политике”)
 Arthur D. Little, Inc. (компания “Артур Д. Литтл Inc”.)
 Asian Research Institute (“Институт азиатских исследований”)
 Aspen Institute (“Аспенский институт”)
 Association for Humanistic Psychology (“Ассоциация гуманистической психологии”)
 Augmentation Research Center (“Центр исследований роста”)
 Baron De Hirsh Fund (“Фонд барона Де Гирша”)
 Battelle Memorial Institute (“Институт “Баттел мемориал”)
 Berger National Foundation (“Национальный фонд Бергера”)
 Berlin Center for Future Research (“Берлинский центр исследований будущего”)
 Bilderbergers (“Бильдербергеры” — Бильдербергский Клуб)
 Black Order (“Черный Орден”)
 Boycott Japanese Goods Conference (“Конференция по бойкоту японских товаров”)
 British Newfoundland Corporation (“Корпорация Бритиш Ньюфаундленд”)
 British Royal Society (“Британское королевское общество”)
 Brotherhood of Cooperative Commonwealth (“Братство кооперативного содружества”)
 Bureau of International Revolutionary Propaganda (“Бюро международной революционной пропаганды”)
 Canadian Jewish Congress (“Канадский еврейский конгресс”)
 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York (Собор Св. Иоанна Богослова, Нью-Йорк)
 Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (“Центр новейших исследований в науках по человеческому поведению”)
 Center for Constitutional Rights (“Центр за конституционные права”)
 Center for Cuban Studies (“Центр изучения Кубы”)
 Center for Democratic Institutions (“Центр за демократические институты”)
 Center for International Policy (“Центр международной политики”)
 Center for the Study of Responsive Law (“Центр изучения ответного законодательства”)
 Christian Socialist League (“Христианская социалистическая лига”)
 Cini Foundation (“Фонд Чини”)
 Club of Rome (“Римский клуб”)
 Cominform (“Коминформ”)
 Committee for the Next Thirty Years (“Комитет по следующим тридцати годам”)
 Committee of Fourteen (“Комитет Четырнадцати”)
 Committee on National Morale (“Комитет по моральному духу нации”)
 Committee to Frame A World Constitution (“Комитет по разработке мировой конституции”)
 Communist League (“Коммунистическая лига”)
 Congress of Industrial Organizations (“Конгресс индустриальных организаций”)
 Council on Foreign Relations (“Совет по международным отношениям”)
 David Sassoon Company (компания “Давид Сассун”)
 De Beers Consolidated Mines (компания “Де Бирс консолидейтед майнз”)
 Democratic League of Brussels (“Демократическая лига Брюсселя”)
 East India Committee of 300 (“Ост-индский Комитет 300”)
 Economic and Social Control (ECOSOC) (“Экономический и социальный контроль”)
 Environmental Fund (“Фонд охраны окружающей среды”)
 Environmetrics Inc (компания “Энвиронметрикс”)
 Esalen Institute (“Изаленский институт”)
 Fabian Society (“Фабианское общество”)
 Federation of American Zionists (“Федерация американских сионистов”)
 Fellowship for a Christian Social Order (“Общество за христианский социальный порядок”)
 Fellowship of Reconciliation (“Общество примирения”)
 Ford Foundation (“Фонд Форда”)
 Fordham University Institution Educational Research (“Исследовательский институт проблем образования” Фордхамского университета”)
 Foundation for National Progress (“Фонд за национальный прогресс”)
 Garland Fund (“Фонд Гарланда”)
 German Marshall Fund (“Германский фонд Маршалла”)
 Governing Body of the Israelite Religious Community (“Управляющий совет религиозной общины израэлитов”)
 Gulf South Research Institute (“Исследовательский институт Южного Залива”)
 Haganah (“Хагана”)
 Harvard University (Гарвардский университет)
 Hells Fire Club (“Клуб адского пламени”)
 Horace Mann League (“Лига Горация Манна”)
 Hudson Guild (“Гудзонская гильдия”)
 Hudson Institute (“Гудзонский институт”)
 Hudson Bay Company (“Хадсон бей компани” — “Компания Гудзонского залива”)
 Imperial College University of London (Имперский колледж Лондонского университета)
 Industrial Christian Fellowship (“Промышленное христианское сообщество”)
 Institute for Brain Research (“Институт исследований мозга”)
 Institute for Pacific Relations (“Институт тихоокеанских отношений”)
 Institute for Policy Studies (“Институт политических исследований”)
 Institute for Social Research (“Институт социальных исследований”)
 Institute for the Future (“Институт будущего”)
 Institute for World Order (“Институт мирового порядка”)
 Institute on Drugs, Crime and Justice (“Институт по наркотикам, преступлениям и юстиции”)
 Inter-Alpha (“Интер-альфа”)
 Inter-American Social Development Institute (“Межамериканский институт социального развития”)
 International Institute for Strategic Studies (“Международный институт стратегических исследований”)
 Interreligious Peace Colloquium (“Коллоквиум по межрелигиозному миру”)
 Irgun (“Иргун”)
 Knights of Malta (“Мальтийские Рыцари” — “Мальтийский орден”)
 League of Nations (“Лига наций”)
 Logistics Management Institute (“Институт управления и логистики”)
 London Board of Deputies of British Jews (“Лондонский совет депутатов британских евреев”)
 London School of Economics (“Лондонская школа экономики”)
 Mary Carter Paint Company (“Мэри картер пейнт компани”)
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“Массачусетский технологический институт”)
 Mellon Institute (“Институт Меллона”)
 Metaphysical Society (“Метафизическое общество”)
 Milner Group (“Группа Милнера”)
 Mocatto Metals (“Мокатто металз”)
 Mont Pelerin Society (“Общество Монт Пелерин”)
 National Action Research on Military/Industrial Complex (“Национальные исследования по военно-промышленному комплексу”)
 National Center for Productivity Institute (“Институт национального центра производительности”)
 National Council of Churches (“Национальный совет церквей”)
 National Opinion Research Center (“Национальный центр изучения общественного мнения”)
 National Training Laboratories (“Национальные тренинговые лаборатории”)
 New Democratic Coalition (“Новая демократическая коалиция”)
 New World Foundation (“Фонд нового мира”)
 New York Rand Institute (“Нью-Йоркский институт корпорации “Rand”)
 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (“Организация североатлантического договора” (НАТО))
 Odd Fellows (“Тайное братство”)
 Order of St. John of Jerusalem (“Орден св. Иоанна Иерусалимского”)
 Order of The Golden Dawn (орден “Золотая заря”)
 Oxford Univac (“Оксфорд юнивак”)
 Pacific Studies Center (“Центр тихоокеанских исследований”)
 Palisades Foundation (“Палисейдс фонд”)
 Peninsula and Orient Navigation Company (Мореходная компания “Пенинсула энд ориент навигейшн компани”)
 PERMINDEX (“Перминдекс”)
 Princeton University (“Принстонский университет”)
 Rand Corporation (“Корпорация Рэнд”)
 Rand School of Social Sciences (“Школа социальных наук Корпорации Ранд”)
 Research Triangle Institution (исследовательский институт “Рисерч трайэнгл”)
 Rhodes Scholarship Committee (“Комитет по стипендии Родса”)
 Rio Tinto Zinc Company (компания “Рио-Тинто цинк компани”)
 Riverside Church Disarmament Program (“Программа разоружения Риверсайд Черч”)
 Round Table (“Круглый стол”)
 Royal Institute for International Affairs (“Королевский институт международных дел”)
 Russell Sage Foundation (“Фонд Рассел Сейдж”)
 San Francisco Foundation (“Фонд Сан-Франциско”)
 Sharps Pixley Ward (“Шарпс пиксли вард”)
 Social Science Research Council (“Совет по изучению общественных наук”)
 Socialist International (Социалистический Интернационал)
 Socialist Party of the United States (“Социалистическая партия Соединенных Штатов”)
 Society for Promotion of Study of Religions (“Общество содействия изучению религий”)
 Society of Heaven (TRIADS) (“Общество рая” (ТРИАДЫ))
 Soviet State Committee for Science and Technology (“Государственный комитет по науке и технике СССР”)
 Stanford Research Institute (“Стэнфордский исследовательский институт”)
 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (“Стокгольмский международный исследовательский институт мира”)
 Sun Yat Sen Society (“Общество Сунь Ят Сена”)
 Systems Development Corporation (“Корпорация по развитию систем”)
 Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (“Тавистокский институт человеческих отношений”)
 Tempo Corporation (“Корпорация Темпо”)
 The High Twelve International (“Интернационал Двенадцати Высших”)
 The Public Agenda Foundation (“Фонд повестки дня общества”)
 The Quality of Life Institute (“Институт качества жизни”)
 Theosophist Society (“Теософское общество”)
 Thule Society (“Общество Туле”)
 Transatlantic Council (“Трансатлантический совет”)
 Trilateral Commission (“Трехстороняя комиссия”)
 U.S. Association of the Club of Rome (Ассоциация “Римского клуба” в США)
 U.S. Institute for Peace (“Американский институт мира”)
 Union of Concerned Scientists (“Союз обеспокоенных ученых”)
 UNITAR (“Юнитар”)
 University of Pennsylvania Wharton School (“Вартонская школа” при Пенсильванском университете)
 Warburg, James P. and Family (компания “Варбург, Джеймс П. и семья”)
 Western Training Laboratories (“Западные тренинговые лаборатории”)
 Wilton Park (“Уилтон Парк”)
 Women's Christian Temperance Union (“Женский христианский союз трезвости” (воздержания))
 Wong Hong Hon Company (компания “Вонг Хонг Хон компани”)
 Work in America Institute (“Институт труда в Америке”)
 World Council of Churches (“Всемирный совет церквей”)

среда, 21 сентября 2011 г.

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPON: Pentagon will supervise a brain the soldier

Pentagon has announced about the beginning of realization of the project " remote Control by activity of a brain with the help of ultrasound "
The ministry of a defense of USA is going to establish gadget on the internal party каски to stimulate those zones, which answer for vigilance and cognitivs activity, and also feeling of a pain and general(common) mental condition.
Prototip " of the Ultrasonic brain machine " on a march! (Illustration Tyler Lab.)
It only one of a lot of the projects having the attitude(relation) to a brain.
"Optimization" of reason is directed first of all on reduction of number of the military men, which after a service needs psychological rehabilitation.
Besides the militarians want, that on the decisions in emergency situations the influences of different human weakness should do not render.
Now to Management of perspective researches МО USA (DARPA) have got on eyes of job neiro-phsiholog from University of staff(state) Arizona William Tailer, which improves is not invasion the approaches to стимуляции of a brain.
" When people are interested, on what such device is capable, I ask them, that does(makes) their brain, - speaks the scientist. - And the brain carries out all functions yours body, and if you knewneiro-anatomic, by all means would begin to adjust each of these functions ".
Advanced methods activity of a brain for treatment of a number(line) of frustration - from illness Паркинсона before heavy depression already are now developed. Alas, deep penetration into a brain needs invasion surgery, and external activation with the help of ultrasound can not penetrate there, where there are many patients of "circuit".
But it has not stopped Mr. Tailer! The scientist and his(its) colleagues have invented certain " transkarnialions pulse ultrasound ", which is capable to render influence on deep sites of a brain. Besides he can be aimed at small zones by the size 2? 3 mm. At last, the prototype of the device is insignificant, that is why it(he) can be attached to an internal surface cap.

Gadjet as if is capable to cope even with traumas of a brain: " that we name by a trauma, is a result multihour metabolictions of damage; the free radicals and tumours need a lot of time, - Mr. Tailer explains. - If by simple click of a remote control it was possible to call immediate intervention, we would stop that subsequently poisons life to some people ".

The further researches will pass at financial support Pentagon.

About the successes William Tailer has told in a magazine Armed with Science.

Source: http: // lifewaternew.blogspot.com/

вторник, 20 сентября 2011 г.

Intel develops the chip for introduction in a brain!

By 2020 the users should not operate the computer with the help of the keyboard and mouse. Their place, in opinion of the employees Intel, will be borrowed emplantation in a brain by(with) processors.
The employees pitsburgskoy of laboratory Intel study opportunities on management of computers, TVs and telephone through the brain waves caught developed Intel by gauges, developed The researchers hope, that the users voluntary will agree on emplantation of chips.
The main advantage of the new circuit of management is freedom from any interfaces, with what intuitively clear they were. By force think the users can, for example to pass from one wed-page to another or to switch telechannels.
While the sizes of the gauge are unsufficiently small that emplantation it(him) in a brain. The prototype of a sensor control while is placed in special set. Besides job on decoding signals of a brain yet is not completed. The researchers only have found out, that the similar images are shown at the different people equally. It gives hope for recognition of some standard reactions, and, means, and commands(teams) transmitted on the computer.