среда, 15 февраля 2012 г.

"Monsanto" PR of GMO!

Editor's Note: Monsanto is attempting to counter-spin the poor PR its been deservedly receiving recently - by attacking US farmers who use its frankenstien agra products. Currently, Monsanto are crying to the EPA screaming that, "Bugs' resistance to modified crops may be increasing", and ironically, are upset because farmers aren't planting -- non bT corn, next to GMO corn -- because according to Monsanto, insects who eat BOTH natural and fake GM corn DON'T become immune to Monsanto's pesticide perspiring synthetic corn. It should be abundantly clear by now to anyone who considers themself a green or environmental activist, that the world has a serious problem it is facing because of the depths which corporations like Monsanto and their extensive range of freak-tech GMO products have been able to penetrate the world's food supply. As a mindless public become ever more dependent on experimental DNA-shuffling lab food for humans, successive generations run the risk of degrading their own human genetics, and even losing the ability to reproduce altogether.

Washington Post
February 14, 2012