среда, 15 июня 2011 г.

Insider SLAVE about NEW WORLD ORDER.wmv

Hi my curious slave! Yes, Yes, slave! You and all your generation we are completely subordinated by such as. In a history, which you at all do not understand, all began with other civilization - Atlants! Actually, they named themselves on another, but it has no for you of any meaning(importance)! They were destroyed by the same methods which are applied and against you! You do not know, that your insignificant destiny is predetermined by such as I.
Your life, though it is complex(difficult) to name it as life, your existence, doomed! As if at the grey mouse which has got in a trap. Simply trap is invisible and is compressed more slowly.
By the way of Atlanta, know, they knew about the future destruction and they have left to you knowledge. It is a pity, that you never will study them, therefore as a head yours is engaged in washing by an information dirty(dirt)!Shit, created by the owners transnationality of corporations! They too are entered in my global plan slavering of mankind. They are formal tools of management such as you, vegetables … the Purpose of my global plan: for ever to create the new slavish order! When is manager and slaves! All of them - are silly, as do not know the general(common) plan after the attitude(relation) to them. The slave, at all does not know that he the slave and realizes my plans! He subordinates itself(himself) to my plans!
About - о-о you at here?Think about presentation of wise histories or simply want to see animation? Really yours destruct has no borders? Really you do not understand, what while you look also nothing think, such how we strengthen your domination above you? Our author's project global slavering of mankind is realized in all. We so shits your brains, that you already have got used that we have named for you as freedom! Freedom - illusion of real slavish life to us. You do not see obvious? Freedom for you - this to buy those or others sites to sit in social networks, to write to nobody the necessary comments, to look a free-of-charge pornography, to smoke a poison and to drink beer, thus killing itself?! And it you name by freedom?
We have accustomed you for all to pay. By money.. Which are printed by(with) we! Think, you can be independent of our money? The slave! And is speed(faster) we sell the plan chipization of all people in the world! Once, we shall appropriate(give) to each slave a plastic map, without which you can not buy to not sell. Thus we inditification shall appropriate(give) everyone, individual number(room). Then, we simply shall transfer the given map to the chip and … make to each of you in a head.. Well can be where! And you will be glad to that how ours advertising and media the machine will create to you illusion of freedom with the built - in chip! Idiotto! You are simple the slave! Really you are so silly, what do not see obvious?!

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