четверг, 4 августа 2011 г.

Traffic Secret

The revolution grows. The rates of its(her) development constantly grow
"Secret" of success of the majority those who today already earns good money in a Network, consists just that they in time send on on-line open spaces and have engaged in activity, which actually is effective from the practical point of view.
Anyway, it is necessary to recognize: there is no another of the same remarkable method of maintenance to itself of good flows arrived, as earnings with the help of own on-line business. Never in a history of mankind existed anything similar - opportunity by the forces to create the own enterprise, which would bring to you money even when you sleep, when spend time on target(day off) with native and close … and that most important - without dependence from, where you are from the geographical point of view!
And all this does not require(demand) any special initial expenses, presence of any special knowledge, skills, skills and conformity to any certain criteria.
Thus, the quantity(amount) of the businessmen in a Network, among which the struggle for the target traffic and for money in pockets of the same consumers is conducted, constantly grows, and begins to grow even faster in the most nearest future. But that most interesting - practically each of them will compete to somebody in struggle for the same key words and phrases, which are operated with other businessmen for ðàñêðóòêè of the resources. And each of them will compete in attempts to sell the own goods and services to the same segment of the same target market.
Plus to this, majority of them will be used in the job by(with) the same receptions, methods and tactics of job, as all other businessmen. What will be result?
I already mentioned him: from hundred those who will come in on-line business, success one will achieve only íîâîèñïå÷åííûé the businessman. And this percent(interest) of the beginners, achieving success, from all weight coming in our business will fall constantly.
Those times, when it was possible to leave for a Network and "to cut down" on a speed hand some hundreds áàêñîâ, irrevocably êàíóëè in Summer. Today to earn same some hundreds, it is necessary much to work. The reasons after a perusal of the previous pages should to you be clear.
About today to become the successful on-line businessman it was easy enough. Unfortunately of absolute majority of the modern beginners, the situation has changed.
Certainly, these changes for the present have not typed(collected) complete force and, no doubt, they will not take place for couple of days. But from them anybody from us will not hide anywhere, and the fact remains by the fact - with current of time to earn in on-line to the average beginner there is all more difficultly and more difficultly.
If today with the help of a spelling and publication 10 own clauses you were possible managed on the pages the certain quantity(amount) of the target visitors, in the very speed future for achievement of the same result it is required to you not less than 100 same clauses.
If today with the help of the certain efforts in a direction of search optimization you managed to ensure(supply) on the pages 1000 of the unique target visitors, a bit later result from the same efforts hardly will ensure(supply) to you even one hundred potential clients on your site.
If today from hundred potential clients some man buy your goods and services, in the very speed future for maintenance of the same quantity(amount) of sales you should work with one thousand potential clients.
And so on. And about current of time of a paint will be condensed only.
Do not believe? Then undress eyes and steadfastly study a history of development of a world wide Web.
Also remember: if you be not capable to study on experience of the previous generations and to do(make) the appropriate conclusions - you never can ensure(supply) to itself the good future.
See at a history of dynamics(changes) click banners, and, how the industry áàííåðíîé of advertising has sufferred practically complete commercial crash. See at a history of dynamics(changes) of a subscription on free-of-charge dispatches - percent(interest) subscribing with other things being equal constantly falls.
The prices for paid marketing tools constantly grow, the efficiency of these tools and mechanisms constantly falls. And besides all other - competition - in all without exception niches of the on-line market constantly grows with what narrow and focused they were.
Abundantly clearly, that in these conditions to ensure(supply) high money of own on-line business there is all more difficultly and more difficultly.
Also do not overlook(forget) so-called "technology factor" - is daily developed and the huge quantity(amount) of the diversified software and other similar tools intended for the decision of the diversified tasks is let out on the market really. Paying attention on occurrence of the new program applications, we also can define(determine) the latent opportunities of increase of efficiency of the job.
By the way speaking, the quantity(amount) developed ñîôòà for the decision any special of tasks, is the rather quite good indicator by future and money of this or that direction of activity.
The application of similar tools, no doubt, promotes only aggravation of a competition in on-line. For that circumstance, that occurrence of a plenty specialized soft signals about future of a direction of job in this or that direction, we understand not only we with you. And, having noticed filling " of free space " specialized ñîôòîì, the crowds of the businessmen direct in this or that sphere, derivating thus more and more and higher competition.
All described processes already occur in îíëàéíå - directly now, at that moment, when you read pages of the present report.
I know, that you would not like to hear and to take into account all what I here speak about. But, alas, it is the truth, and I here by nothing can help. And approach of all these consequences, and also them ãëîáàëèçàöèÿ - phenomenon inevitable.
Agree, the future of INTERNET-marketing in light all said looks rather unattractive. But those it also will be - furious, if want. And approach of this epoch of a history of a Network already in process.
The quantity(amount) abiturients of the on-line businessmen will grow constantly.
Thousand and millions beginners very soon will come in on-line business. Their absolute majority will suffer shattering crash. They leave(abandon) environment(Wednesday) of INTERNET-business, but their place here will be borrowed by(with) others beginning. But, as against the previous stages of a history of a Network, majority those who will suffer a defeat for the first time, will try to return and to try again. And not one and not two times - in light of achievement of success by other people (which, as against crash of the beginners, always on a kind) they will try again and again.
But that most regrettable - how much time they came back - them(him,it) it will be not possible to earn cent.
And in completion of a picture it is necessary to say that the INTERNET-marketing - rather and rather transparent sphere of activity, and each new invention - technique, tactics and even strategy of job - becomes fast obvious for environmental. Therefore there is nothing surprising that the businessmen in the job without the special work can copy each other.
Key words, which you use in the job, contextual advertisements, which you make, goods, which you sell, prices, which you establish, and even colours, in which you paint the pages - all this obviously for environmental and it is visible by a unaided eye.
Any circuit of on-line business can without any problems be be be "to "deciphered" and subject êëîíèðîâàíèþ. Such rule(situation) of businesses, naturally, only aggravates and without that a not joyful picture.
If you consider(count) what today to earn money in on-line difficultly is means, that you at all do not understand a situation.
And given my words is, alas, not a joke!
Probably, in your head at the given stage of reading of my report the following idea … is strong sit
" All this begins me to oppress! I thought, that this report - about REGENERATION of INTERNET-marketing, that is about something positive … And on your words turns out, what all of us are simply sentenced?! "
The given idea is not deprived of the bases, but to illumination of negative transformations in our business the contents of my report, certainly, is not reduced. We have illuminated some very important moments, which are completely necessary for understanding for understanding of the basic essence. And now you will hear very good news, in particular, now I shall tell to you, for what, actually, I have written all this document …
I not only shall learn you how to become that unique(sole) man from hundred beginning, who will achieve success, but also I shall explain, why at the given moment all of us are on a threshold of opening of the most greatest opportunity for all history of mankind!
Heard something about " a rule 80/20 "? Is sure, what yes. But hardly you know, that it designates not only that fact, that 80 % of result is reached(achieved) with the help 20 % of efforts, but also that circumstance, that 80 % of all properties of our planet and all well-being are supervised 20 % of its(her) inhabitants. So, in INTERNET-marketing the given proportion looks a little differently, is especial in light of those changes, which already begin to be shown in complete volume.
For us this rule looks as follows: 1 % will supervise all those who works in îíëàéíå, very soon 99 % of all those boons, which are capable to bring on-line business in general. Can name it " by a rule 99/1 INTERNET-marketing ", if so it will be necessary.
What it means?
In translation on absolute figures literally following - 1 % from all weight of the on-line businessmen will earn 99 % of all that money, which only can be earned in a Network. The same 1 % will supervise 99 % all available in îíëàéíå of the traffic, and also 99 % of all resources having though any commercial value.
You think, what I have left from mind(wit) with such forecasts? Think once again, think very much and very well. The process of the statement of the given rule already occurs in some niches of the on-line market. And all other niches very soon will come with them in complete conformity.
The escalating of own results by a way use of resources of other people and companies always was and remains to one of the most important and powerful strategy for all history of business and obligatory component of any successful business in îíëàéíå.
You never reflected, why in îíëàéíå, is exact as well as in usual life, rich become more and more and richer? How changed the algorithms Google, Yahoo! And him(it) the similar resources - certain quantity(amount) of sites all the same remain in the first results of search and receive huge weights of the free-of-charge target traffic.
Never noticed, what in the certain market niches it is very heavy to involve(attract) affiliation in own business the program simply because everyone, who could in her participate, are already engaged in the projects, which supervise the most part of the given market?
And you never reflected, how can the average beginner try to compete with the leaders of the market for the first places as a result of search by means of search optimization, if his(its) competitors already have,say, till 100 000 entering references to the sites everyone?
Why so occurs? What underlies success of the leaders? I to you shall tell …
These leaders of the market initially created own business on the basis of strategy of expansion of the success at the expense of all resources, accessible to them, of other participants of the market … and then they simply have begun to use this expansion in the purposes, all faster and faster increasing his(its) rates!
Use of strategy of expansion has allowed and allows them constantly to increase scope of an audience, revolutions of own business, quantity(amount) of resources and target traffic, involved(attracted) on them. To all other businessmen, which were going to and are going to with them to compete, with each day all becomes more difficult and more difficultly with them to compete.
Do not overlook(forget) one more very much and the very important circumstance - basic majority of such leaders fine know each other and work together. They create and develop the joint projects, are engaged in an exchange of the traffic, cross advertising of the goods and other. They form the own closed alliances, the input(entrance) in which to any competitors is reserved. And these alliances with current of time become more and more and more indestructible.
Thus, average beginner with each day all becomes more difficult "going" on the market, where the similar leaders … work