пятница, 8 июля 2011 г.



Attack of Paradigm!

I already many times wrote and spoke about global paradigm, with which the most part of the population is infected! This is under the name " an ordinary stereotype ", prevents the people to be realized, at times hiding in herself delightful talent of the creator! The life of the average man is literally entangled by stereotyped actions. Regularly and yours obedient the servant meets the same invisible barrier. The feeling, when any action in behaviour "is dumped" in "everydays" a stereotype, is a SIGNAL coming round! To realize this instant! To realize this moment! And as if to hurry to change the approach, breaking off a web of the ordinary! This "web" can be seen by(with) everyone, but NOT ALL GIVE judgement resulting(bringing) to real changes! Only struggle is the engine for all alive! The struggle of contrasts, change of day and night, opposition of goods and evil, Love and Fear вс ё is PROCESS which allows TO LIVE! To think only, if on all the planets - people WOULD BE HAPPY! Yes, yes! YOU thought also of it, I am sure, that the given idea visited(attended) yours a head, but.. The realistic world absolutely other! Like, what bad if everyone was happy?! But are think, you can come what the failures (misfortune) give that background for stimulus of purposefulness! Only after a number(line) of failures the man with pleasure can test an instant of true Success! The failures are necessary! They, as if make a character those who to aspire to best, otherwise, we simply not could be happy, as feeling fulling, Success, Good luck - it by RESULT of VICTORIES ABOVE DEFEATS, vital barrier! It all connected and anything superfluous! As the result of this struggle is achievement wanted of SUCCESS, but do not overlook(forget), that for everyone the feeling of comprehension is very important, for it sates our charming LIFE with feeling of changes! Changes - outgoing from our actions and decisions! This perfect feeling, which enriches with us by forces and energy, irrespective of, to what obstacles or barrier there is our constant struggle at this moment! From such reflections it is possible precisely to define(determine), that the man – all so knows for knowledge a little itself and in IT too there is a deep sense! Learning itself the world and in any way differently! You see, all it is very simple: everyone, in all times, wants to be HEALTHY, RICH and HAPPY! All of us such different, but all of us are united by(with) that invisible Superreason, which has caused everyone and has given the information on the world! And when unpopular materialist begin talk about that the HAPPINESS is material riches! It causes sincere laughter! Laughter, how carelessly try us to enter into huge error, by means of the imposed theories and religions! I sincerely believe in Kindness, I sincerely believe in EACH MAN, which has chosen for itself the SURPRISING WORLD of KNOWLEDGE And SELF-PERFECTION! The logic - it always your slave, and SUBCONSCIOUSNESS - IT your MISTER (OWNER) also is not necessary to confuse these elementary philosophica! Let everyone sets and answers the questions, it will give vital stimulus to become SUCCESSFUL!