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THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPON: Pentagon will supervise a brain the soldier

Pentagon has announced about the beginning of realization of the project " remote Control by activity of a brain with the help of ultrasound "
The ministry of a defense of USA is going to establish gadget on the internal party каски to stimulate those zones, which answer for vigilance and cognitivs activity, and also feeling of a pain and general(common) mental condition.
Prototip " of the Ultrasonic brain machine " on a march! (Illustration Tyler Lab.)
It only one of a lot of the projects having the attitude(relation) to a brain.
"Optimization" of reason is directed first of all on reduction of number of the military men, which after a service needs psychological rehabilitation.
Besides the militarians want, that on the decisions in emergency situations the influences of different human weakness should do not render.
Now to Management of perspective researches МО USA (DARPA) have got on eyes of job neiro-phsiholog from University of staff(state) Arizona William Tailer, which improves is not invasion the approaches to стимуляции of a brain.
" When people are interested, on what such device is capable, I ask them, that does(makes) their brain, - speaks the scientist. - And the brain carries out all functions yours body, and if you knewneiro-anatomic, by all means would begin to adjust each of these functions ".
Advanced methods activity of a brain for treatment of a number(line) of frustration - from illness Паркинсона before heavy depression already are now developed. Alas, deep penetration into a brain needs invasion surgery, and external activation with the help of ultrasound can not penetrate there, where there are many patients of "circuit".
But it has not stopped Mr. Tailer! The scientist and his(its) colleagues have invented certain " transkarnialions pulse ultrasound ", which is capable to render influence on deep sites of a brain. Besides he can be aimed at small zones by the size 2? 3 mm. At last, the prototype of the device is insignificant, that is why it(he) can be attached to an internal surface cap.

Gadjet as if is capable to cope even with traumas of a brain: " that we name by a trauma, is a result multihour metabolictions of damage; the free radicals and tumours need a lot of time, - Mr. Tailer explains. - If by simple click of a remote control it was possible to call immediate intervention, we would stop that subsequently poisons life to some people ".

The further researches will pass at financial support Pentagon.

About the successes William Tailer has told in a magazine Armed with Science.

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