вторник, 26 апреля 2011 г.

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четверг, 21 апреля 2011 г.

Positive or negative destruction?!

Any information is MANAGEMENT! Who knows and understands this statement, that looks at the life with a constructive prism, being focused that by all means helps in achievement of the vital purposes. Same, who ignores the given postulate, suffer(bear) defeats, despite of regular programming in a positive key. The explanations, very much  and already for a long time are opened by a science. Each man has two kinds of the information: the first type - it the generically caused information (where the instincts, unconditional reflexes and ïð concern. That is all that information which is programmed by a nature generically and everyone has already from the moment of occurrence on this light), the second type - it the social information (which includes all those acquired during ability to live, knowledge.) the "social" type of the information is limited on volume of perception(recognition) and,, the overload by this (generically not caused) information renders on the person depression influence. Easier speaking, potential of a human brain, as if the computer, requires, that is regular îòôèëüòðîâûâàòü not necessary (destruction) the information. In case all âðåäîíîñíóþ the information to not delete, and carefully to save, in result we shall receive " failure of OPERATIONAL SYSTEM " (of chronic weariness, decrease(reduction) of serviceability and other) the External information, which is the basic source of accumulation at the man, so-called, "social" information, very powerfully influences the  man (his(its) mentality). On this influence are based all lingvistical of engineering of programming and self-programming. Well it or is bad a question incorrect and deeply individual, however definitely that if you allow to program yourselves by mass media (èäèîòèçàöèè), as that blocks, uncountable destructions serials, advertising blocks, every possible radio-shows and even primitive conversations (about gossips and negative), you AFFORD destruction! And if that information, with which you CONSCIOUSLY program yourselves, Positive - constructive orientation (Book on Success and self-development, seminars, trainings, discussion and " brain storms " in a key of positive psychology and ïð.), you help yourselves in realization of the purposes and sate this world with light, pure(clean) emotions! " Want to be successful - be HIM(IT)! " Only it should not mean itself an image zombing positive neurotics, opposite(on the contrary), to program is necessary to not fall under negative management from the outside … nevertheless to remain positive succesful (it is simply excellent(different) variant!) You see ideas -materialization! It is necessary to remember it and ITSELF to supervise an orientation of the ideas (each conscious instant). There is a huge quantity(amount) of methods to keep of positive - constructive ideas, the essence them is simple: if feel, that the mood begins to vary in the worse party - simple SMILE! Straighten shoulders, raise a chin and … SMILE! Pull a smile, even if on soul you are completely not ridiculous also will see, that (on the average) in 5-10 minutes such " of the tense smile " your ideas to be replaced on positive, on heart the body to be filled by ENERGY and Reliance becomes easy and cosy,! I used this method (and I use)! Simply perfectly helps disciplin itself! Also remember: what exactly the today's ideas (which are carried by in a head in this instant) create your TOMORROW! To all I WISH HUGE SUCCESSES!

 motivator Dmitry Buyanov(DIMAX ENERGY)